Refreshing Springs COGIC

Renovations & New Addition
Client: Pastor Hezekiah Childs
Location: Hamilton, Ohio

Cornerstone church growing significantly needed to design and build an addition to serve mainly as a sanctuary with support areas; plus renovation of remaining spaces to be more functionally efficient based on the projected new program. New structure needed to be designed with compatiable and sensitive materials/finishes.

The new addition would reflect the exterior character of local materials while providing unique contemporary lines and a dynamic layering of volumes, natural and artificial light sources; with a direct sidewalk entrance sequence to provide a more celebrated welcoming.

Internally the sanctuary exhibits a significant thematic design of a refreshing springs with water elements cascading done with pieces of ceramic tile (many shades of blue) serving as the element of water. Interior finishes were to be precision cut and refined sophistication utilizing: wood paneling, trim pieces, drywall reveals, varying textures and surface treatments.

Spaces are to be highlighted with selective specialized light fixtures, which magnifies the dynamic combination of interior treatments. Floor to ceiling cast glass in combination with stain glass windows punctuate the aisles and reflect the movement of the masses throughout their use of space.

ADA compliance achieved in existing renovated spaces and throughout all new areas. Tight site provided opportunities for creative solutions.

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